Working in tech means navigating a ton of screen time which increased even more since meetings that have shifted to platforms like Zoom. Remote work experts weigh in on how to maintain sanity and remote work-life balance.

The culture is changing in today’s companies. Once siloed, stakeholders now work closely with developers and engineers to intersect with the user experience. UX teams make design thinking a crucial part of the business’s bottom line and growth.

Illustration by Jonathan Carrington

In this brave new remote world, we are beholden to our internet access and speed. So, why is it so hard to get an upgrade?

Impostor syndrome — aggressive and constant feelings of self-doubt — can get inflamed in remote work environments. Individual and organizational efforts can help minimize the tribulation.

To combat online abuse, a research team in Australia found a solution — bring more women to the table during the development process.

Illustration of a woman sitting in from of two screens as she writes code.
Illustration by Jonathan Carrington


We’re a fully remote, globally distributed cloud innovation company. We work a little differently.

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